Beeping eggs let kids be kids

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Easter egg hunts are a tradition you see this time of year in neighborhoods across the world. In Colorado Springs, one school is making sure all kids can participate in the activity.

The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind hosted its annual beeping Easter egg hunt for its elementary and preschool-aged children Thursday. The hearing-impaired students are able to enjoy the traditional egg hunt on an adjacent field while the visually-impaired children collect plastic eggs equipped with beeping mechanisms inside.

Lisa Van Dam is a mobility specialist at the school. She said the event helps students improve their ability to navigate their surroundings.

“It’s a great way for not just practice social skills and sound localization,” Van Dam said. “They’re using sound as one of their key sources of information. So the beeping eggs help them practice that skill so it transfers over to a variety of environments.”

The event is put on by volunteers from the Pioneers, a philanthropic group created by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the phone.

Joyce Robbins has been volunteering her time for 25 years at the school.

“We’ve done this Easter egg hunt off and on since I started with the Pioneers in 1969,” she said.

Maliha Ramirez is an 8-year-old visually impaired student who has been participating in the event the last five years.

“It’s kind of nice to be able to let Malia feel like she fits in and not feel different,” Maliha’s mother, Serene Ramirez, said. “She looks forward to this event every year.”

Robbins said the group needs more volunteers to ensure the event will continue. For more information on the Pioneers, visit their website at

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