Sprains, fractures on the rise as warmer weather kicks in

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s late in the season, but influenza is still making the rounds – and sprains and fractures are on the rise as we get warmer weather.

Right now, doctors are seeing a lot of patients with sore throats – 129 to be exact, according to Qwikcare MD Urgent Care in Colorado Springs, Fountain and Pueblo.

Of that number, 41 of those ended up being strep throat.

Additionally, last week there were 51 documented cases of influenza, which can lead to pneumonia.

If you have nausea and a fever, head to the doctor!

With this spring weather, people are getting out and about, but unfortunately it’s leading to some injuries.

Quikcare MD Urgent Care saw dozens of cuts and sprains last week, and that number is expected to rise as the weather gets nicer.

Doctors are also seeing a lot of patients with nasty allergy symptoms.

If you suffer from seasonal injuries, like itchy eyes and a runny nose, be sure you have medication on hand.

Those pollen counts will continue to go up throughout the summer.

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