Rep. Doug Lamborn met with opposition in heated town hall meeting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In light of a growing number of complaints, Congressman Doug Lamborn hosted a town hall in Colorado Springs Wednesday afternoon.

Representative Lamborn has served for 10 years representing Colorado’s 5th congressional district. Lamborn has supported several of President Donald Trump’s decisions including the temporary travel ban and replacing Obamacare.

“We’re listening to Doug Lamborn lie about what’s going on in Washington,” said Sharon Gardner, a protester outside the meeting.

Gardner is one of dozens of protesters who gathered outside Congressman Lamborn’s town hall. Inside, it was a packed house as the Congressman addressed issues of tax reform, national security and health care.

“I acknowledge some people have been helped by Obamacare but I think many more, many more have been hurt by Obamacare,” said Lamborn.

Rachel Latsios says she attended because her concerns lie with the future of renewable energy, something she believes Lamborn isn’t concerned about.

“(He) treats his constituents like we don’t know what were talking about and without respect and empathy and he needs to be voted out,” said Latsios.

Others felt their concerns were heard saying the meeting was productive and left them feeling optimistic.

“I think it’s constructive movement forward because people have said we want to talk to you,” said Jillian Freeland.

“I thought overall it was a pretty productive meeting,” said Steve Kjonaas. “I’m so glad that we had the opportunity.”

As for Lamborn, he says he enjoyed the opposition, the questions and the feedback saying it’s simply democracy at its finest.

“My view has always been that good policy is good politics,” he said. “If you do the job you were elected to do, if you carry out the promises that you promise to keep then you can let the chips fall where they will.”

The Congressman will host two more town halls Thursday.

A meeting in Canon City is planned for 9:30 a.m. at the Fremont County Administration Building ahead of a 2 p.m. meeting in the Teller County Centennial Building in Cripple Creek.

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