Pueblo Zoo says goodbye to 2 longtime residents

Thor and Keesha
Thor (left) and Keesha (right) / Courtesy Christopher May - Pueblo Zoo

PUEBLO, Colo. — The Pueblo Zoo said farewell to two long-lived residents last week.

Thor, one of the zoo’s otters, thrived with generations of other otters at the zoo’s award-winning outdoor habitat. He was known for his mellow and gentle demeanor and was a keeper favorite, according to zoo officials.

They say Thor was on ‘quality of life watch’ due to his old age and his health had rapidly declined last week due to natural causes.

Keesha, a golden eagle, was the zoo’s longest resident. He had been with the zoo since 1980. During his time there, zoo officials said he still had a great quality of life, scaling trees in his outdoor enclosure and even siring chicks released into the wild.

Pueblo Zoo said the following in a statement announcing the sad news:

It is always with a heavy heart that the Pueblo Zoo makes these announcements, though it is a point of pride that these animals were able to lead long, rich lives under our care.

>> Click here to learn more about the Pueblo Zoo.


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