Military working dogs honored for service during memorial, retirement ceremony

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two military working dogs were honored for their service at Peterson Air Force Base on Monday.

It was all part of the 21st Security Forces Squadron memorial and retirement ceremony.

Ten-year-old Gina was honored as she retired after three deployments with Peterson Air Force Base.

There was also a memorial for 8-year-old Roky, who was involved with four deployments before his passing.

He was euthanized in November of last year because of a severe illness.

The handler for Gina adopted her, saying she couldn’t wait to spoil her, adding her service has definitely earned it.

“On the rough days I have you know sometimes, I don’t feel like coming to work, she always makes my day a little bit better just by her smile,” said SRA Amanda Legault.

While Gina retires, another salute was given to Roky.

“He was an amazing dog, I didn’t think that I would have to let him go, because one day I’m thinking that he’s going to retire with me and he’s going to live a long life and then the next day hes taken from me,” said Roxy’s former handler SRA Karissa Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick says she had the chance to say a final goodbye to Roxy before his passing.

She added she got to spend a final weekend with him and he was given steroid shots so he couldn’t feel any pain.

“He was running around, we went to the dog park, we went and we did everything that a normal house dog gets to do,” said Fitzpatrick.

Though she says she’s happy he didn’t suffer, each and every day is still a struggle.

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