‘Cases of Love’ gives foster kids in the community a helping hand

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The second consecutive “Cases of Love” event, where the community helps children in the foster care system, is going on now until April 22.

Cases of Love was started in 2016 by Colorado Springs resident Becky Wyzykowski, who used to work with the Department of Human Services.

Wyzykowski says the goal is to gather supplies to help the kids transition from home to home with a little more dignity.

“When you walk in and you got all your belongings in a trash bag, it doesn’t feel really good and your self esteem is already low, you’re scared you don’t know what’s to come,” Wyzykowski said. “You’ve already been take out of your home
but when you walk in with a suitcase you can hold your head a little higher and know that somebody out there cares for you and we want to make you feel better about yourself.”

Items needed are suitcases, duffel bags and unopened personal care items for children up to age 18.

From now until April 22, donations can be dropped off at any YMCA in the Pikes Peak region.

>> Click here to find a YMCA near you.

The collected donations will be dropped off to the downtown YMCA and distributed to local child placement agencies.


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