Military Matters: Team Rubicon

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Team Rubicon, a veteran-based disaster relief organization, spent part of the weekend training at Red Leg Brewing Company.

For the last seven years, Team Rubicon has been responding to disasters both nationally and internationally.

“Everything from hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes and floods,” said Jordon Daniel, the planning coordinator for Team Rubicon. “The first operation that we did was in Haiti in 2010 in the wake of the earthquake that hit there.”

Since then, their aid locally has included Black Forest and flooding in Manitou Springs. This weekend, their focus was on damage assessment training.

“A damage assessment is basically how we figure out what the need of the community is and essentially how we generate our work orders,” said Daniel.

In Colorado, Team Rubicon has recruited 2,200 volunteers — a number that’s leading the country in terms of engagement and opportunity.

“Four hundred and fifty thousand veterans that live right here in Colorado,” said Daniel. “We’re a volunteer-heavy state, we’re an outdoorsy state, so between all those things we have a nice little hotbed that we get to utilize and certainly capitalize on.”

Seventy percent of Team Rubicon’s volunteers are veterans, meaning the organization offers them another sense of service.

“It provides some of the best parts that we’ve got to be a part of in the military,” said Daniel. “So you get the camaraderie aspect, you get the sense of service and truly that sense of purpose.”

“They do a lot for fellow veterans, so when they get together that camaraderie that they bring to each other instantly,” said David Shoup, the veteran outreach coordinator for Red Leg Brewing. “Leaving a project feeling like they’ve accomplished something with purpose and meaning. It’s integral for the people involved and for the community at large.”

The organization is a nonprofit and open to any volunteers.

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