Local family franchise keeping children safe from furniture tip-overs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A local children’s consignment sale is putting safety at the top of their list.

In the last three years, the Just Between Friends franchise has created a partnership with Shane’s Foundation.

Shane’s Foundation was created in 2011 by a mother who lost her two-year-old son Shane.

It happened when she put him down for a nap and when she went to wake him up, she found him under a dresser.

Now she’s making sure no mother has to go through what she did and Just Between Friends is making sure to follow in her steps.

“We really want to be safe for families, that is the number one priority to us,” said Laura Staggs, owner of Just Between Friends.

Staggs said families that buy furniture are given free furniture tip-over kits.

Staggs adds they also have a Recall Specialist, making sure everything is safe to take home.

“She will check out the items and look them over to make sure that they meet the safety standards and they’re not recalled,” said Staggs.

Jocelyn Works, the mother of two boys, said she shops at these events often and has never had any problems.

“When my 5-year-old was a little bit younger, and I shopped here, I did get a stroller for him and like I said they do keep it up to date, the car seats and things like that, so they do keep it safe, its nice,” said Works.

Works adds it’s comforting to know Just Between Friends is handing out the prevention kits.

Sunday is the last day of the Just Between Friends sale and everything will be 75 percent off.

It’s happening between 9 a.m. until noon at the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center located at 3650 N. Nevada Avenue.


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