ARREST AFFIDAVIT: Man who stabbed mom, brother disappointed they didn’t die

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A mother and son are recovering after being stabbed at a northeastern Colorado Springs home. The suspect was their own son and brother.

FOX21 tracked down a copy of the court documents to create a timeline of what happened.

The arrest affidavit says police got a call from a woman saying she believed her neighbor’s wife and younger son had been killed inside the home.

What officers found when they pulled up was the family’s oldest son standing outside covered in blood.

Twenty-one-year-old Justin O’Neal Criss was arrested Tuesday on three counts of attempted murder in the first degree.

Court documents say police found 51-year-old Angie Criss and her younger son, whose name and age has been withheld, in the basement of their home, badly bleeding with multiple stab wounds all over their bodies.

The affidavit says Justin Criss allegedly attacked his brother while he was in bed sleeping. The younger Criss brother told detectives Justin kept telling him to ‘Shut up’. That’s when Angie walked into the bedroom.

According to the affidavit, Justin then began stabbing her and the struggle spilled into another room.

A short time later, Justin came back for his brother and dragged him next to his mother and allegedly continued stabbing them both.

Detectives note the younger Criss brother tried to escape to find a phone while Justin was in another room. When Justin came back, he took the phone and threw it against the wall. He’s then accused of attacking his brother once again.

About an hour later, 52-year-old Otis Criss, Justin’s father, came home from work early because of the weather.

According to court documents, Otis told detectives Justin confronted him in the garage and allegedly attacked him with a frying pan.

Otis suffered an injury to his head but was able to get Justin outside the home and hold him there until police arrived.

The arrest affidavit says Justin told detectives he had been thinking about doing this for a while.

He allegedly said he went to bed on April 3, already planning on what he was going to do the next day, saying he woke up, went to the kitchen and got the biggest knife he could find.

According to the affidavit, Justin told detectives he tried to kill his family because he was tired of living with them and wanted to start over even if that meant being in jail.

Angie and her younger son were taken to the hospital. They’re expected to be okay.

Detectives note in the court documents, Justin told them when he heard medical personnel say his mom and little brother were still alive, he said he did not know how that was possible because he had stabbed them so many times and he’s disappointed they didn’t die.

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