Homeowners clean up after the heavy, wet snow takes out trees and limbs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Knocked down trees and tree limbs are all across the area after a spring storm brought heavy, wet snow to the Pikes Peak Region.

It’s been less than three months since the January windstorm wreaked havoc and homeowners are once again cleaning up.

Steve Wilch, Public Information Officer with the Colorado Springs Fire Department said, “As the heavy spring snow is on these branches we’re seeing these older mature trees that are having branches fall from them which is a safety hazard, if it were to fall on a person or on a structure it will do damage.”

For John Sexton, it was his truck to take a limb.

“I woke up to a text message saying you need to move your vehicle and then by the time I got out here it already had a 15-foot branch on it,” said Sexton.

It wasn’t exactly the start he expected his morning to get off to but thankfully no damage was done.

“I got really lucky it kind of landed just perfectly right around the cab and everything,” Sexton said.

Another big 20-foot tree branch fell in Sexton’s neighbor’s yard. The Good Samaritan he is helped them clean it up – a fun way to spend 45 minutes of his day and he’s still got work to do on his own yard.

“We’ve got to get the rest of the branches out and we talked to our neighbor as well and told them we’re at least going to carry those away,” said Sexton.

He says he’s impressed with how quickly city crews got out to his street to help.

“They’ve been busting their butts and I really appreciate what they do. They got out here really quick so they’ve been doing a great job,” Sexton said.

While he says he didn’t expect to wake up to this big of a spring storm, it’s just a matter of time before the next round of wacky Colorado weather rolls through.

“We’ve gotten the wind, we’ve gotten the snow, now I’m waiting for the Colorado fires to just send burning branches down onto the middle of my street,” said Sexton.

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