Colorado Springs police get an extra eye on the streets

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs Police Department has now outfitted more than 440 officers with body cameras.

The three-year project started in 2014 when CSPD started looking into the cameras.

Now in 2017, they’re getting closer to their goal of outfitting 475 officers.

In 2015, CSPD received a $600,000 grant from the Department of Justice, for 500 body cameras.

That grant was then matched by the city to help cover the costs for the first two years.

Officer Michael Good, part of the Tech Unit with CSPD, said most patrol officers have the body cameras unless their uniform hasn’t been updated.

“Where they haven’t gotten the external vest with the body worn camera system in it,” said Good.

Though all officers will soon have the cameras, Good warns the technology is not 100 percent fool-proof.

“Any body worn system is not a catch-all, it won’t solve all the issues, all the complaints, because the camera system doesn’t capture 360 degrees,” said Good.

Good adds while it won’t capture everything all the time it’s still an exciting piece of technology.

“Another level of observation of what we’re doing and what happened at that particular call, being objective where there’s no influences on a video camera,” said Good.

The moment an officer stops recording, the video will upload through a router inside the police cruiser.

Then, once it gets to the station, the cruiser then off-loads the video automatically through another WiFi signal up to the web.

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