Why businesses new and old say downtown setup is a success

Story Coffee Company -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A tiny house coffee shop is making a big name for itself in Colorado Springs, and while business is booming for them, downtown is also becoming home to a new restaurant.

Story Coffee Company is just off Bijou Street and is celebrating a year of being in business.

Meanwhile, a new restaurant is setting up shop on North Tejon Street. It’s bringing a new twist on noodles to downtown Colorado Springs.

“There’s so much growth going on that you have to be down here,” said Mark Henry, the executive chef and owner of Rooster’s House of Ramen.

Rooster’s House of Ramen is in the middle of renovations and slated to open in May. Henry already has big plans.

“Make the first Colorado Springs dedicated ramen shop, making noodles by hand, kind of bringing some of that culture to this city, and this niche hasn’t been filled yet,” said Henry.

Henry said people of all ages and families are welcome. The restaurant will feature both a casual and nighttime dining experience.

Henry said it’s exciting to work by so many local businesses, but said the popularity of downtown could be concerning.

“Parking is not super awesome downtown, but you know what they say, if you build it they will come, so we’re hoping they will come,” said Henry.

If his business sees the boom like Story Coffee Company did in its first year, then he’s got nothing to worry about.

“We haven’t made our first million yet, but for a new business we’re doing really good and it’s always getting better. We’re growing month over month and now we can say year over year,” said Don Niemyer, owner of Story Coffee Company.

Niemyer and his wife Carissa said they didn’t know how the tiny house concept would mesh with the local community.

“As it turns out, downtown Colorado Springs has welcomed us in, and it’s been really an incredible ride for us,” said Niemyer.

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