Race for City Council: Robert M. Burns

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The April 4 election is just a few days away and the race for City Council continues.

Robert Burns served nearly 30 years in the United States Army and wants to continue public service with a role on City Council.

“Our pastor was actually speaking one Sunday about doing things that we always said we we’re going to do and so a light bulb just kind of went on, especially after this recent election,” said Burns, who is seeking a seat representing District 6.

Burns says a key issue is addressing the city’s homeless population and coming up with a solution to solve the growing problem.

“Whether it’s looking for jobs or whether it’s finding affordable housing for them or whether it’s even finding medical help for them,” said Burns. “Whether it’s psychological or physical and just discovering and putting together a plan that can actually be beneficial to them.”

The father of three works full time as a recruiter for Comcast but says if he’s elected he’s prepared to serve full time on City Council.

“Because of the reading material, because of the meetings, because of meeting with constituents and understanding what they really desire because really, that’s the job is me representing the people of District 6,” he said.

The city’s infrastructure, adding bike lanes and bringing quality jobs to his district are a few goals Burns would like to accomplish if given the opportunity.

Although he has no political experience, he’s relying on his military background.

“Loyalty, duty, respect, self-less service, honor, integrity and personal courage,” said Burns. “That’s basically the Army values and it spells out the acronym leadership so I still live by those Army values today and those are some of the values I would like to bring to City Council.”



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