Fire danger concerns still looming despite spring storm

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The first of April brought some snowy weather, bringing temporary help to the fire danger in Colorado Springs.

However, it didn’t keep locals from getting outside.

While the moisture is much needed after a fairly dry winter, Captain Steve Wilch with the Colorado Springs Fire Department says we need a lot more.

In the meantime, those outdoors enjoying the snowy weather say they’re not surprised Mother Nature whipped up a little snow for April 1st.

Ethan Moore, a native of Colorado, says Mother Nature is just having a little fun.

“Have fun with your slushy snow that is super wet and gets everything soaked the second you step into it, so yeah, good one,” said Moore.

It was a possible April Fool’s joke, but with the way the weather’s been lately, it wasn’t unexpected.

“It’s just a little awkward, but I guess we just take it as it comes and have some fun with it and snowball fights,” said Jocelyn Brown.

This inconsistent weather is not new to Colorado and with this snow, it melted quickly.

CSFD says it’s so important to remember those fire danger concerns as well as following those fire restrictions.

“The grasses are going to lose moisture quickly and they’re going to be susceptible again to fire,” said Capt. Wilch.

Wilch adds this moisture will be short-lived.

“We need to get out and do good mitigation, we need to keep those fuels low and now that we’re getting the rains its going to green up a little but its going to dry back out,” said Wilch.

While the grasses will get a temporary reprieve, Wilch says the snow can be a safety hazard when fighting fires, like the one at the Broadmoor Community Church Saturday.

“We have to move in and out of those structures, we have to pull hoses, raise ladders, so snow becomes a hindrance because it can cause those slips trips and falls, said Wilch.

If Mother Nature does help out, Wilch says its most beneficial with wildfires or grass fires, the reason why many outdoors say they don’t mind the spring snow.

“I think its great, I think the fires have been really dangerous and I’m really glad we got all the snow, Mother Nature has kind of just made up her own mind this winter,” said Brown.

Just like Brown, Sheryld Lamas says it’s about time we see some snow.

“For the last few years we’ve had a mild winter I’d like to see the blizzard again of like ’97,” said Lamas.

While Colorado’s weather always keeps us on our toes, fire crews say more snow and rain would help a lot right now, especially since June and July will bring more dry, windy and warmer weather to our area.

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