DA: Officers justified in shooting, killing Security homicide suspect

Demetrius Moore
Demetrius Moore / El Paso County Sheriff's Office

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — No charges will be filed against three officers who shot and killed a homicide suspect in Colorado Springs in October.

The Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office made the ruling Thursday after a months-long investigation.

Investigators said the shooting happened in the overnight hours of October 22-23. Demetrius Moore, 40, shot and killed his wife on Brant Road in Security, then left the scene, according to investigators. Police tracked him to the area of Union Boulevard and Boulder Street in Colorado Springs, where he was spotted driving a stolen SUV. Officers used a maneuver to stop the car, and Moore fired a shot at them through the windshield, according to investigators. Two El Paso County sheriff’s deputies shot back, hitting Moore.

When CSPD officers approached the car to arrest him, Moore, who had been laying across the passenger seat, suddenly sat up. He had his arms “displayed in a manner that led officers to believe he intended to fire his gun towards them,” according to investigators. An officer shot into the SUV at Moore, then retreated. Officers then fired two gas rounds into the SUV.

Investigators said Moore was dead when he was removed from the SUV.

The district attorney’s office said the guy recovered from Moore’s car was the same one used in the murder of his wife.

“It was later learned through interviews that Mr. Moore had previously expressed his intent to engage in a shoot-out with the police on multiple occasions,” the office said in a statement.

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