Man recovering after being shot by suspect impersonating utilities worker

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A suspect is still on the loose Wednesday night after impersonating a utilities worker and then shooting a homeowner.

The shooting happened around 10 a.m. in the 4500 block of Lamplighter Circle near Hancock and Chelton in southeast Colorado Springs.

Ricky Williams says he doesn’t know the suspect who shot at him and didn’t say much in terms of a description other than he disguised himself well.

“I feel victorious,” said Williams. “I feel victorious.”

Williams is recovering after a man disguised as a utility worker pulled a gun and shot him above the left eye.

“He told me he was utilities and that he was looking for carbon monoxide leaks,” said Williams. “He said he’d been to everybody’s house and mine was the last one so I let him in, let him in the basement, let him do what I thought he was suppose to be doing and then it just turned funky.”

According to Williams, the suspect tried to tie him up and rob him and that’s when a fight ensued.

“He shot me in the head,” said Williams. “My wife heard the commotion downstairs and pretty much, we got the gun and he turned from the assailant to the victim.”

“I didn’t hear nothing,” said Deanna King, a neighbor. “I didn’t hear nothing, I didn’t hear nothing. I just seen the cop cars coming and coming. I mean they were everywhere.”

Williams says the two struggled for the gun which apparently went off several more times but he admits that he should’ve been more cautious before letting the man inside.

“It was kind of my fault,” he said. “He played the role good but I should’ve asked for more identification or something. Just be careful about who you let in your house, I mean not everybody is who they say they are.”

“It’s scary, even for kids and it’s scary,” said King.

Williams adds he’s confident the suspect won’t come back.

“I think it’s crazy you know, you ain’t safe in your own home but it is what it is,” he said. “He ran up on somebody that was prepared.”

Colorado Springs Utilities says if someone comes to your door unannounced claiming to be a utilities worker, you can always ask for identification.

The ID should have their picture and badge number. If you still don’t trust it, you can always call them directly at 719-448-4800 and they’ll tell you whether or not maintenance in the area is scheduled.


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