9 years later: Family of Becky Elshani seeks answers in cold case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Nine years ago on March 29, Colorado Springs woman Becky Elshani disappeared.

Every year on the anniversary, her family still comes together to celebrate Becky’s life.

Becky, one of 10 siblings in the Elshani family, was 22-years-old when she went missing.

Since then, very few clues have come up since. Nearly a decade later, her family is still searching for answers.

“Very depressing, a lot of mourning, confusion, the whole 9 yards,” said Fatime Elshani, Becky’s sister.

That’s how March 29 has felt for the Elshanis since 2008.

“I remember her and Daniel, Daniel and her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend; they got into an argument here at my parents’ house.” Fatime said. “He started yelling at her. She kept saying she didn’t want to leave and we kept telling her to stay but Daniel insisted that she left with him.”

She did and that was the last time Fatime ever saw her sister again.

Fatime said, “When police arrived to Daniel’s apartment, Becky and Daniel lived together, Daniel saw the police at his door and shot and killed himself.”

Becky was still nowhere to be found. Daniel’s car was eventually discovered in Teller County and inside, Fatime says was Becky’s blood, the only evidence in 9 years.

“The minute he killed himself we knew that he had done something to her and then from then we just started searching for her because we knew that she was gone at that point because there was no need to kill yourself if you didn’t do anything,” Fatime said.

To this day, the Elshanis continue to search for clues, hoping to one day uncover the truth about what happened to Becky.

Fatime said, “I like to know that she’s out there on the beach somewhere, not having her in a grave kind of gives me that little glimpse of hope but I know deep down that she’s gone.”

There is a $5,000 reward offered to anyone who comes forward with information.

In June, the Elshanis say they’re planning another search party.

We’ll be sure follow up with exact dates and times for anyone interesting in helping.

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