The Race for City Council: Don Knight

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The race for City Council continues ahead of the April 4 election. District One incumbent Don Knight is seeking re-election.

Knight has spent a majority of his first term working to renew the North Nevada corridor. It’s a project he wants to see through to the finish.

“What I’m really, really proud about is, in doing this master plan, is that we worked it with the community here, because for me the most important business is the people that have already invested in our community here,” said Knight. “I think that’s where my allegiance is.”

The Air Force veteran said fixing the city’s infrastructure and beefing up the police and fire forces in town are high on his priority list. As head of the budget committee, Knight said he believes the city can do both without costing the taxpayers.

“I’ve got 20-plus years doing government budgeting,” he said. “I know that budget pretty well and I think we can do it without raising taxes, especially if people vote yes on issue two and let us keep $12 million over the next two years. That should satisfy all our stormwater financial needs for the next four years.”

Both Knight and his opponent, Greg Basham, are businessmen. The difference between the two, according to Knight, lies in the type of business experience.

“Government is a business, but it’s a different beast and I have that government experience,” he said. “Twenty six year Air Force career plus 10 more years as a defense contractor, so not only was I doing business then, but I was doing business with the government. I know how government operates.”

Like many other incumbents, Knight said the job is full-time and the responsibility to constituents is not to be taken lightly.

“We don’t have a staff person that we can pass this off to and say, ‘Hey, read this and tell me if there’s anything I need to be concerned about,'” Knight said. “We have to do the reading ourselves, we have to ask the questions ourselves.”

The grandfather to three says he’s hoping his first term experience speaks for itself when it comes to the voters in District One.

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