Race for City Council: Jill Gaebler

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The race for Colorado Springs City Council is now less than two weeks away as the April 4 election draws near.

District 5 incumbent Jill Gaebler has served on City Council since 2013 and is seeking re-election simply because she says there’s still work to be done.

“During my four years on City Council, the city has really started to rebound,” said Gaebler. “We are doing so great. Just in 2016, the city revenues increased 9 percent, we added 8,000 jobs and so we’re finally getting going and I’m anxious to continue working for the city and helping the city to do even better.”

The Air Force veteran and current City Council President Pro-Tem says being accessible to her constituents is an important part of the job adding those in her district are most concerned with the cities infrastructure.

“They remain concerned about our roads, our sidewalks, our parks, especially Palmer Park which is the one big open space in my council district and really public safety, trying to keep our neighborhoods safe,” said Gaebler.

The mother of two says her biggest surprise serving on council was how much work it was, something she believes her opponent, Lynette Crow-Iverson might not realize.

“She works full time,” said Gaebler. “I’ve heard her say this is a part time job, it’s not a part time job. It really is something that takes a love of community and you really need to put your heart and soul into it.”

Gaebler co-founded Colorado Springs Charter Academy and led the Infill and Redevelopment Committee in her first term. She attributes those accomplishments to being able to collaborate well with others.

“That has really served me well on council in working with just about everybody,” she said. “Council colleagues, our mayor and our city staff and I’ve formed really good relationships and that will really help me to hit the ground running in my second term.”

Gaebler is also a big proponent of protecting the city’s parks and open spaces.


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