D-11 supper program feeds low-income students

D-11 Supper Program
D-11 says the supper program offers students a safe place to go to for a meal / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s food for students 18 and younger.

“Having a meal here provides them at least something Monday to Friday,” said Janine Russell, District 11’s assistant food service director.

D-11’s supper program was created to feed students during after-school hours.

It originally started a few years ago at Jack Aerospace Academy, then John Adams Elementary and most recently at Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus.

“We’ve seen here at this location, Mondays can be huge in terms of what’s on the plate. Not necessarily increased numbers, but the amount of food that’s on that plate that the students or children pick up. That’s also true of Fridays,” Russell said.

That’s because students in these programs are from low-income families who may not have enough food on the weekends.

Before they get their meal, they’re involved in at-risk after school activities.

“Sometimes we serve 20 kids, but sometimes because of the activities scheduled for that afternoon, it could be 80 children that we are serving,” Russell said.

“Young boys who are in sports and stuff, they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They’re always hungry so, that gives them an extra boost,” said Lisa Stock, production center manager at Roy. J Wasson Academic Campus.

It’s part of the district’s Child and Adult Care Food programs that aim to feed students from low-income families.

It’s a USDA program administered through the state by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The activities range from educational, enrichment and physical activities.

“Some of the kids that go to night school are here 7:00 in the morning till 7 at night, so this night program is really good for them ’cause they get to eat. They don’t have to worry or leave or miss class or you know, take care of that sort of thing. We’re here for them,” Stock said.

D-11 says the program offers students a safe place to go to for a meal.

The district says it’s still too soon to tell if President Donald’s Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts will impact their food programs.

While it is possible, they won’t know the impact it would have right away.

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