Old fire station turned museum reports $3K in vandalism damage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “Old fire station four” in southeast Colorado Springs is being vandalized.

According to Roy Manuszak, President of the Dr. Lester L. Williams Fire Museum and Retired Battalion Chief of CSFD, it all started when there was a change to the property.

As part of a move to save money on their water bill, the museum decided to add rocks outside.

In the last couple of weeks, rocks have been thrown through the windows, damaging 6 windows and amounting up to $3,000.

The museum is all donation-based and the fire station is insured, but it won’t be enough to fix all the damages.

The museum hopes to replaces the windows, while upgrading both their alarm and video systems.

Manuszak said he’s personally camped out in his car to catch any suspects, but so far hasn’t had any luck.

A neighbor also said she heard noises near the fire station and saw a boy in his late teens throwing rocks at the window.

The museum is asking you to call police if you see anything suspicious.


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