Colleagues remember Colorado Springs teacher as passionate, dedicated, full of life

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs woman who died while skiing Pikes Peak Sunday is being remembered as passionate, dedicated and full of life.

Officials say 48-year-old Rachel Dewey was skiing with her husband and three teenagers near Glen Cove when the accident happened. She reportedly lost control and fell about 1,000 feet.

Authorities say her family stayed with her until first responders arrived. According to her husband, Grant Dewey, Rachel was an advanced skier.

The incident is being considered a ski-related accident but an autopsy is scheduled for later this week.

Wife, mother, daughter and teacher are just a few titles Rachel wore proudly and passionately.

Rachel Dewey / Photo courtesy District 49
Rachel Dewey / Photo courtesy District 49

Although her loss was sudden and tragic, her colleagues say she was an “all in” type of person.

“Rachel epitomized excellence and passion in her teaching,” said Bruce McCluggage, a philosophy professor at Pikes Peak Community College.

That’s how colleagues are remembering her at PPCC, a school where she was an adjunct philosophy professor.

“She had a deep philosophical experiential understanding of her students and the classroom,” said McCluggage. “She really connected well with them. Every student I ever met of hers just loved the class and many would say they loved her.”

The mother of three also taught social studies at Banning Lewis Ranch Academy in District 49, a school that says she was an integral part and that her loss is tremendous.

“Rachel was all in and fully invested in the kids, fully invested with her material,” said Todd Morse, the Head of School for Banning Lewis Ranch Academy. “Very intelligent, very engaging as a teacher and that’s what made her effective and probably contributes to why she’s so missed.”

Friends say her love for the outdoors and her passion for skiing were evident. The matter in which she passed doing what she loved is bringing some that knew her comfort.

“The way that she lived her life and that way that we continue to live ours, she would want us to pick up the baton so to say and keep running for the upward prize,” said McCluggage.

“A tremendous wife, a dedicated mom, a wonderful daughter and a fantastic friend to many,” added Morse.


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