Colorado Springs’ July hailstorm boosts state to top ranking for most hail damage claims

hailstorm damage to car
Rear window of car damaged from hail storm / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

STATEWIDE — Our state is used to topping lists, but we might not be too proud of this new title.

Colorado has ranked number 2 in the nation for most hail damage claims for 2016, according to State Farm Insurance.

The Centennial State filed nearly 35,000 claims, most of those stemming from Colorado Springs’ July 28 hailstorm which smashed roofs, broke windows and punched holes in siding.

Officials say over 14,400 of those claims came from homeowners reporting hail damage and over 20,500 of the total claims were reported by Colorado drivers.

Here are the top 5 hail claim states of 2016 (State Farm Homeowner and Auto Claims):

  1. Texas (145,900)
  2. Colorado (34,900)
  3. Missouri (27,700)
  4. Illinois (23,970)
  5. Nebraska (17,550)

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