Mother shares memories of murdered teen

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — El Paso County deputies are working to find the person, or people, responsible for killing two teens last weekend.

Derek Greer and Natalie Partida were found inside of a car early Sunday morning near the Pikes Peak International Raceway.

Thursday, we heard from Derek’s family about this tragedy.

Derek’s mom, Heather Ferguson, said she lived her worst nightmare when she got the call that he was dead.

Now, instead of continuing to plan out his future, she’s forced to remember the kid he was.

“He impacted so many people. Anybody I talk to say Derek is such a good kid,” said Ferguson.

Fellow students at Coronado High School agree.

“Great kid, everyone really loved him. You couldn’t really find someone who said that Derek wasn’t funny, or no one liked Derek, or I don’t like Derek because of this or that, because he was just a great kid,” said freshman Noble Emion.

His fellow students said he had a slight reputation.

“He liked to be thought of kind of like a badass, like he smokes weed, he drinks alcohol, he hangs out with these older kids and stuff,” said Noble.

“That was a very, very, short time of his life. He was just finding himself,” said Ferguson.

Derek’s mom said this comes completely out of the blue, but she did notice small changes in Derek after meeting Natalie.

“He started pulling apart from me more when he started hanging out with her, which I think is kind of natural. He’s finding other people to latch on to. He’s growing up and he’s pulling away from mom a little bit, starting to learn to be him,” said Ferguson.

Derek will never get that chance, because someone took that from him.

“Put ’em away. Let them get what they deserve for hurting kids. I mean, they were just kids. Regardless of the things they were doing or anything like that, they didn’t know. They still had no comprehension that the world is like that. They couldn’t. Their minds were just too innocent,” said Ferguson.

Heather said it’s like she’s living a dream and that it hasn’t sunken in that he’s gone. She has a message for all the parents out there.

“Talk to your kids and stay active in their life. Know what they’re doing, push a little bit more, hold them a little closer,” she said. “Life’s so short. Take as many pictures and videos and everything.”

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said they aren’t releasing more information about what happened, because it might interfere with the case.

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