Hometown Hero: Community Service Award winner Tim Mitros

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FOX21 and the American Red Cross are partnering once again to honor some “Hometown Heroes,” ordinary people who have done something extraordinary for their community or the lives of others.

We’re highlighting this year’s Community Service Award winner – a former city storm water manager who has continued to go above and beyond for the citizens of Colorado Springs.

When natural disasters occur, Tim Mitros comes running.

“This is a bad thing that’s happened to people and they don’t expect it to happen to them so they need somebody out there who can provide a positive aspect to what is happening and give them some, hope,” said Mitros.

From post-Waldo Canyon Fire flooding to landslide victims, because of Mitros’ relentless work, many minds have been put at ease.

Mitros said, “For the landslide victims, it’s working with FEMA trying to find funding to try to make their lives whole again or at least as close to whole as I can make it.”

When most jobs end at 5 p.m., Mitros is still on the clock-giving guidance and a lot of times just listening to people.

“He has that personal touch,” said Pat Chappell. “The extra touch, the caring touch, you know those soft skills and the reassurance.”

Chappell is the one who nominated him for the award.

“What’s really neat about him, he’s very shy and a humble type of a gentleman and he does so much and really doesn’t want any credit for anything you know because that’s just him,” said Chappell.

But it’s something in Mitros that makes his dedication to the community more than a job. It’s having been through tragedy himself that allows him to really see and feel what others might be dealing with.

“My mom committed suicide, my sister also committed suicide, my dad and my mom had a very nasty divorce and you know I tried to learn from that.” Mitros said, “When it happened it’s like, ‘what’s wrong, what’s going on?’ and so I’ve tried to learn what kind of emotions people have and try to be positive from it instead of taking it as a bad thing is learning from it.”

Hometown Heroes will get their awards March 16 during a dinner at The Broadmoor.

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