Finding qualified candidates tough despite local job market ranking 3rd nationwide

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs job market now ranks third best in the nation, according to a new employment outlook survey by staffing company Manpower Group.

Among employers surveyed, 28 percent plan to hire more employees from April through June. None of the surveyed employers plan to make layoffs, 69 percent expect to maintain current staff levels, and three percent are not sure of their hiring plans.

Aisha Washington, a junior at UCCS majoring in statistics said, “This is a really cool town and knowing that is pretty good sounding.”

For Washington, hearing Colorado Springs has the third best job market in the U.S. is music to her ears.

“That makes me want to stick around a bit longer,” said Washington.

According to the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, there are about 11,000 jobs available in our region right now with wages averaging at $60,000 a year.

However, with the unemployment rate at only 3.2 percent, they say it’s actually tougher on both employers and those looking to be employed.

Dean Miller, Public Information Officer at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center said, “With a much smaller talent pool that the unemployment rate represents, for the employers what that means is if they had a laundry list of items that they’re looking for in their ideal candidate, they might not be able to find them so they might have to adjust the skills that they’re looking for in their ideal candidate.”

For job seekers, if they don’t have all of those skills required for the position they likely won’t get hired, but Washington says that doesn’t scare her it just makes her education worth it.

“That sounds like a really good thing to me because I want to be the best so if they’re picky and they pick me, that will make me feel really well,” said Washington.

For the folks who are underemployed, maybe they had to take a job below their skill level during the recession, the Workforce Center says it’s their time to shine.

Miller said, “Now is an opportunity for them to reach out and try to get that job that’s maybe in their skills area.”

Coming up on April 12 is a job fair at Hotel Elegante where there will be 120 employers looking to fill positions.

For more information and resources, visit The Pikes Peak Workforce Center website by clicking here.

>> Click here to see the full report from Manpower Group on the Colorado Springs job market.

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