Students shaken up after District 11 school bus was hit by pickup truck

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Three students from Columbia Elementary school were taken to a hospital after their bus was hit by another car Monday afternoon.

The accident happened just before three o’clock on South Weber and East Cimarron street in downtown. The bus was heading to an after school day care program with dozens of kids on board when it was hit by a pick up truck.

“I was crying and just really really scared,” said Amilia Reed.

Seven-year-old Reed was among the 37 students on board when another car allegedly ran a red light before hitting the school bus.

“I was sitting on the side where usually there’s metal on the bus and then that’s when it happened,” she said.

“They got hit, this one told me that he flipped over the seat, this one said he hit the back of his head,” said Maria Charlotte.

Charlotte is the grandmother to four children that were also on board. She, like many other parents, were fearful but relieved everyone was okay.

“I rushed down here, grabbed mine, still shaken up, make sure they’re okay,” said Charlotta. “We’re going to have them checked out just in case, not quite sure what happened. I just see a really damaged truck and I’m just glad mine are okay.”

“Nervous as you should feel about it,” said Matt Reed, a father. “Not knowing what shape my child is in, if she’s okay. You know I just wanted details more than anything.”

Reed says her classmates were all scared by what had happened.

“People were scaring and crying,” she said. “Ambulance, police and firefighters came.”

The driver belonged to a pickup truck with a McKinney Door and Hardware brand on the door. Despite the bus accident, parents say they’re confident in District 11’s school bus drivers.

“We trust our bus driver so I mean things happen,” said Ashley Reed, a mother. “There’s no telling people always forget to look once or twice and they do.”

There’s no word on the condition of the other driver or if drugs or alcohol could’ve been a factor in this crash.


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