Veteran recovering from devastating fire gets help from fellow veterans

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — More than 100 veterans who are motorcycle riders came together to help one of their own Sunday.

Robert Dickinson lost everything, including his three dogs, in a fire at the end of February. It’s been rough going ever since.

“It wasn’t long when we all go together and said, ‘we need to do something.’ It’s what we do for veterans in our community. That’s what we ride for. That’s what we’re all about,” said Frank Serrano, President of American Legion Post 2008.

“No matter whether we’re in service or out of service–some of these guys have been out of the service for 20-30 years–we all still stick together as a community. We all still have that mindset that we’re never going to leave a fallen comrade,” said American Legion Post 5 rider Ryan Abernethy.

They raised $4,250 for Dickinson.

“Very important. That man lost everything–his dogs, his house, his medals. I mean, that’s something that veterans live for. It may not get us a cup of coffee, but the medals are the memories,” said Bob Caddrell, President of American Legion Post 209.

Dickinson said seeing all of the riders here helping him get back on his feet made him realize why he served this nation.

“You lose a home and you gain a family,” said Dickinson. “It’s amazing.”

The riders are also introducing Dickinson to pit bull puppies, to help him heal over the dogs he lost in the fire.

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