More victims of accused fake doctor in Denver come forward

DENVER, Colo. — More people are coming forward, claiming to be victims of a suspected fake doctor in Denver.

Carlos Hernandez Fernandez is accused of posing as a doctor to perform expensive plastic surgery procedures without a license.

Officials say Hernandez Fernandez had a license to be a surgical assistant, but not a doctor.

In August, with the help of her attorney, Maria, one of his alleged victims, described her experience having had a mini tummy tuck.

“She felt the actual cutting of her skin. They do a form of liposuction. She felt every minute of it while it was going on and complained to the doctor,” her attorney said.

Maria asked that her last name not be used but says she paid thousands of dollars for that anesthesia-free procedure.

She reported the incident to police, who have since identified 36 additional victims.

Hernandez Fernandez performed these plastic surgery operations at the Hernandez Fernandez Care Clinic located at 424 South Federal Boulevard.

Right now the clinic is no longer in operation.

Hernandez Fernandez was arrested months ago and is charged with impersonation, assault, unlawful sexual contact and pretending to be a doctor – 125 total counts.

Prosecutors are urging any victims who may not have been identified yet to call the Denver District Attorney’s office at 720-913-9000.






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