Family tradition on display at 33rd annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Saturday was the 33rd annual St. Patrick ’s Day Parade downtown.

For some families, going to the event is a multi-generational affair.

In the shadow of where Old Chicago used to be on Tejon Street, we found the Laffler family.

“It’s kinda been our family spot,” for 30 plus years, “now that old Chicago’s gone we’ll try to maintain this,” said Micah Laffler.

It’s all to instill the tradition of this multi-generational gathering.

“Fifteen grandkids. Lot of family. You’ve got to have a pretty good spot,” said Jason Laffler.

It’s the excitement in the kids’ faces that makes camping out for this spot every year worth it.

“To know that how much joy we got out of it as kids and now to see them enjoy it it’s just. It’s a really neat experience,” said Laura Anderson.

While the Lafflers said they have the best spot to watch, some people said being in the parade is the best way to see it, because you get to see raw reaction from the crowd.

“Oh, the kids. The kids are the greatest,” said Dick Clasen, who was driving a classic car in the parade.

Some people said the best place to watch the parade is up high on one of the balconies here downtown, but the excitement there was fueled by alcohol.

While some people will celebrate St. Patty’s Day with an adult drink, the Lafflers said that’s not what this is about.

Instead, it’s about enjoying the company that matters most.

“Bring your kids, bring your families. Great fun. Great fun,” said Ramona Laffler.

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