Green Mountain Falls park renovation plan will keep iconic look

The park that will be renovated at Green Mountain Falls / Christina Dawidowicz FOX21 News
The park that will be renovated at Green Mountain Falls / Christina Dawidowicz FOX21 News

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. — It’s a nearly $500,000 project created to renovate the lake gazebo at Green Mountain Falls.

“It’s iconic, it’s right in the center of the town, a lot of people use it, a lot of people come here because of the lake,” said John Pick, interim town manager clerk. “And so maintaining it, making sure it works well, that it functions well, is really important to the town.”

It’s a special place for a ceremony.

“You can drive by and see a wedding going on,” said one park visitor.

Or an engagement.

“We always take a picture where we did it. So I’m excited to get baby in there this year and take a picture. We love this area. It’s very precious to us,” another park visitor said.

Town officials said their goal is to keep the lake’s iconic look, making only minor changes, like creating a walkway around the lake.

Other improvements include better handicap accessibility, repainting the gazebo, and changes to prevent the buildup of debris at the bottom of the lake.

“We do see some silt and some gravel and so on that comes into the lake when we get rains, so we’re trying to divert some of that rainwater away from the lake,” Pick said.

One couple said they’re glad the spot where they spent their honeymoon five years ago won’t be changing much.

“We waited five years, but we want to do this every year,” Kristen Wallace said. “Every year we want to come back to this city, love this city, fell in love with it. If I moved anywhere, it would be right here. It’s peaceful. I mean, it is just getting away and when I come here, no matter what’s going on in your life, all the stress is gone and it’s just a very peaceful place.”

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