Food at DIA ranked #1 in the nation

DENVER, Colo. — Denver International Airport is number one when it comes to airport food!

DIA ranked first in the 2017 airport dining scoreboard released by Reward Expert, citing pricing, quality and variety.

“We’re home to some of the most award-winning airport food locations in the country and in the world and we’re extremely proud of that,” said Heath Montgomery of DIA.

The airport dining score card highlighted Root Down, Tapas Sky Bar and Cru Food and Wine Bar, which was just recently given another accolade by the International Food and Beverage Awards.

Flossy Gray from New Hampshire was a bit surprised to find Cru here.

“Not in Denver ’cause you kind of think of it as a cow poke town, everybody has their cowboy boots on!” she said.

Preconceived notions notwithstanding, many folks are finding the time to dine by the light of the silvery plane.




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