Doctor squares off with LGBTQ community over views on homosexuality

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — A controversial speaker talked to students at UCCS Wednesday.

Dr. Paul Cameron’s research and work has strong views opposing homosexuality.

The university’s young Republicans invited him to speak.

He is the chairman of the Family Research Institute of Colorado Springs and claims that mainstream media and certain elite groups are successfully brainwashing kids into thinking its okay to be homosexual.

“What’s happened is, more would have- been heterosexual kids are now homosexual kids and they have the same high suicide as gays and lesbians,” said Dr. Cameron.

The former president of Inside Out, which is a safe place for LGBTQ youth in our area, said the higher suicide rates are because of bullying, but when you support a teen questioning their sexuality, “you can see it when their eyes just light up and they get just a little smile and that’s the really important thing, because then they become successful students and they go off and become successful adults,” said Anton Schulzki.

Dr. Cameron said there are a lot of negatives that come with the trends he’s seeing with homosexuality.

“Diseases, mental problems, suicide, drug use. All those things are present in teenagers who engage in homosexuality, just as they are in adults,” said Dr. Cameron.

For him, the solution needs to come from the current White House administration.

“Trump wants to make America great again, he’s gotta put his foot down and stop wasting federal, state, etc. money on promoting homosexuality,” said Dr. Cameron.

Anton said people should research Dr. Cameron before believing everything he says.

“The majority of the medical profession, professional psychiatrists, professional psychologists have largely debunked his rhetoric,” said Schulzki.

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