Students at John Adams taking advantage of new technology

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As you may recall, John Adams Elementary School opened its doors in August after a major remodel.

Students from Helen Hunt were moved to Adams and are now earning a unique education.

“It looks and feels like a brand new school,” said Nate Hansen, the principal of John Adams Elementary.

New paint, furniture, lighting and top of the line technology are giving students at John Adams a one-of-a-kind education — an education that includes iPads.

“This is how they learn, this is their comfort level,” said Hansen. “They’ve all had a device in their hand at some point and they learn so well with these.”

“We use them for reading, for any kind of technology research,” said Nancy Warnecke, a fourth grade teacher.  “We do amazing research projects using keynote with our iPads.”

As a result, the learning experience has become much more interactive and personal.

“They’re totally engaged,” said Warnecke. “They’re so involved in what they’re doing so we have very little disruption in the classroom.”

“They’re excited to be here, attendance has improved, behavior has improved so a lot of the technology has really hit the kids interest,” added Hansen.

Teachers of course are able to remotely monitor the kids use of the iPads making sure they’re focused on the task at hand.

“So if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be I can lock their screen,” said Warnecke.

The transition from the old Helen Hunt Elementary School to the new state-of-the-art-facility is something everyone is excited about.

“I’ve seen a lot of pride in the kids in the building that they have and a lot of pride in the technology that they use so it’s been a really great opportunity for our students,” said Warnecke.

Teachers say not all kids prefer the iPads and that some students actually choose to use tangible books.



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