Here’s why your next trip to the airport could get a little more intimate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Your next trip to the airport may be getting a little more intimate.

The TSA is warning local police about its new pat-down procedure.

The issue is the more invasive pat-down could cause some passengers to report what happens to authorities.

It’s a new procedure the TSA says is designed to keep travelers safe.

The administration isn’t giving away too many details but says the new method doesn’t involve checking any extra body parts; however it does involve more “intimate contact.”

“Same as normal. Pretty routine. Nothing different,” said Michelle Fouts who was traveling through the Colorado Springs Airport.

“I went through fine,” said another passenger, Shelby Digiacomo. “Sometimes they do random check searches so a couple of times in the past I’ve definitely had to be put to the side.”

Digiacomo who flew in from Orlando for spring break is relieved she avoided the new procedures although she says others weren’t so lucky.

“I did see a man who had a brace on his ankle and they like upped and downed his leg, just tried to figure out what was in it and it was just a brace and he had rods in his leg and that’s about it but they seemed pretty concerned.” Digiacomo said. “It was interesting and then another woman had like baggy pants on and was just being comfortable and they checked all over her legs and stuff.”

The TSA’s website notes that officers can use the back of their hands to pat-down what it calls “sensitive areas” of the body.

Similar pat-downs with the front of the hand may also be done on what the TSA calls “limited cases” which might make some people uncomfortable.

“A lot of people have a lot of issues with personal space and a lot of people don’t like to be touched in general so yeah I think people would have a problem with that,” said Digiacomo.

Passengers who set off the metal detector or refuse to walk through are likely to be tapped for a heavier pat-down but Fouts who flies six or seven times a year says it’s worth it for peace of mind.

“If it means more safety and if they’re going to find something that could be potential, I would rather go through that than the worst,” said Fouts.

Digiacomo said, “I think it’s necessary to an extent. I think there’s a fine line between boundaries and privacy and being safe, definitely, absolutely, 100 percent.”

The new safety measures are being taken after a record number of firearms are discovered in one day.

According to the TSA’s blog, on February 23 they found 21 guns in carry-on bags around the country, breaking the previous record of 18 set in 2014.

Last week, 79 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags around the nation –  68 of them were loaded and 21 had a round in the chamber.

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