Pineapple on pizza: Hate it or love it?

It’s a debate that’s sweeping the nation and dividing pizza lovers everywhere.

Is it acceptable to put pineapple on pizza?

The debate ignited over the weekend after a controversial tweet from a woman claimed a restaurant employee did not fulfill her order.

Ali tweeted “I ORDERED A PIZZA WITH PINEAPPLE AND” along with a photo depicting a $5 bill and message on the inside of the box saying, “Couldn’t bring myself to put pineapple on it. That’s gross. Sorry.”

Now, foodies all over are chiming in on whether or not pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping.

We simply searched Twitter to see what people were saying about the great pineapple on pizza debate, and things were pretty heated!

All we can say is everyone feels very strongly about the side they’re fighting for.

Here’s what pro-pineapple pizza eaters had to say:

While the anti-pineapple pizza eaters also had a few words of their own:

You tell us – are you a pineapple pizza lover or hater? Take the poll below!


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