Bear-resistant trash cans a big hit in Florida neighborhood

It’s a problem we deal with pretty often here in Colorado – bears getting into the garbage, making a big mess and sometimes getting dangerously close to humans.

It turns out some communities in Florida deal with the same problem but they have come up with a pretty good solution –  bear-resistant garbage cans.

“They were walking through in the daytime, there were walking through at night,” said Seminole County resident Matt Warner.

Thanks to the Humane Society of the United States and the folks with Wekiva Wild and Scenic River, Warner and his neighbors will have the new trash cans.

“I noticed almost immediately they were no longer coming into the neighborhood,” said Warner.

Seminole County passed new trash and bear management regulations just over a year ago after a handful of injuries to people from bears.

Since the program has been put in place, officials say bear calls from Seminole County to the state have dropped 50 percent since trash is harder to get.



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