Race for City Council: Lynette Crow-Iverson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The race for Colorado Springs City Council continues ahead of the April 4 election and FOX21 is featuring all of the candidates.

Lynette Crow-Iverson is running for the District 5 seat and for the last 23 years she’s been a small business owner.

After a brief stint in the medical industry working as nurse, she started Conspire, a drug compliance program.

“We started about 20 years ago when the federal government started mandating over the road,” Crow-Iverson said. “CDL truck drivers, trains, planes any of the modes for safety-sensitive.”

Her decision to run for the District 5 seat comes at time she says City Council could use more business acclimated people which is why economic development is her number one priority.

“It is what drives the city,” she said. “Without the tax revenue, the city can’t take care of our roads and our storm water and we can’t take care of our parks so first and foremost we need to have economic drivers.”

Crow-Iverson says she’s a big picture thinker and doesn’t get in the weeds with the day to day which is something she says sets her apart from her opponent, City Council President Pro-tem Jill Gaebler.

“I mean she’s had four years to make a change and in four years she tried to start a food market downtown that failed,” said Crow-Iverson. “I led the “Yes on 2C” and in four months we got it passed. I just will get things done.”

The mother of two says the political campaign process has been fun and eye opening and she’s learning more about her constituents’ concerns.

“The biggest concern is economic development,” she said. “They want to make sure that they have jobs and can take care of their families. Police and fire, they want to make sure the city has the money to continue to protect them and of course the infrastructure is important.”


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