Quality of life report shows areas of Colorado Springs that need improvement

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — There’s a new quality of life report evaluating our city.

UCCS is teaming up with Pikes Peak United Way for the first time because PPUW wanted the results to be more statistically-based compared to previous years.

The report analyzes 11 different categories to determine the quality of life in Colorado Springs.

“Everything from education, health, social well being, economy, arts and so forth,” said Dr. Tatiana Bailey of UCCS.

One of the biggest positives of the report is the economic resurgence following the recession.

“Now that it’s here it’s here in gang busters. We have really good metrics in terms of the economy over all,” said Dr. Bailey.

Colorado Springs also has crime rates falling faster than the national averages.

“Bodes very well for quality of life and safety,” said Dr. Bailey.

Not everything is peachy.

We have above average suicide rates.

“Colorado in general, but the entire state has a higher suicide rate, which I don’t understand because it’s so sunny here, but there are clearly some other things going on,” said Dr. Bailey.

Army veteran Donald Dickson said that could be because of our veteran population.

“I had a few friends that did commit suicide and you see it a lot from those soldiers coming back,” said Dickson.

Another problem he sees is, “homeless. I know it’s an ongoing problem, but there are solutions out there,” said Dickson.

That’s another area the report pinpoints as a con for our quality of life.

This is just a way for the city to evaluate what is going on, so we can work to fix the problems.

“We have great things here. Fantastic opportunities, especially locally and across the state, but it’s also really important and I think report highlights it as well, that we also have to pay attention to the people who struggle, because if we help them out then obviously the rest of the nation does really well,” said Dr. Bailey.

The most shocking part of the report for Dr. Bailey is finding out how much it costs to live self-sufficiently without government assistance.

For a family of three, that’s $60,000 a year.

There is close to 25 percent of our community who doesn’t reach that.

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