War veteran loses three dogs and home in house fire

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — A war veteran is now sifting through what remains after an overnight house fire destroyed his home.

The fire happened around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday on Wind Spirit Point, located southwest of the Pikes Peak International Raceway.

According to the Hanover Fire Department, the fire burned until after 2 a.m. and the home is being considered a total loss.

“My house is gone,” said homeowner Robert Dickinson. “It’s all ash.”

A mobile home Dickinson lived in for nearly two years is reduced now to nothing more than ash and rubble.

“I was a little upset,” he said. “Paperwork I lost that’s irreplaceable but the dogs were the worst.”

To protect them from the coyotes, Dickinson had his three beloved dogs inside when the fire occurred — a fire he believes they might have accidentally started.

“I think they knocked the space heater over,” he said.

Hanover Fire Department says the fire appears to be accidental, caused by a propane gas heater.

Aside from the loss of his dogs, Dickinson says military paperwork and honors he earned while serving 8 years in the United States Army can’t be replaced. Dickinson served overseas in part of Operation Desert Storm.

“I’ve lost everything I was ever awarded in there and got burnt,” he said. “You know I’ve had time to think about it and I’m here so that could have been me in there.”

Dickinson says he’s received a lot of support from friends and the surrounding community and that in time he’ll begin to rebuild.

“I was rebuilding the house and everything I rebuilt is gone but I’m a carpenter and I will rebuild,” he said. “It’s what we do.”

For now, Dickinson is staying with family nearby and he says he’ll continue to move forward.

If you’d like to help Dickinson, you can send donations to the following address:
6190 Wind Spirit Point
Fountain, CO 80817


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