Law enforcement officers receive tactical vest packages

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — More Colorado Springs police officers are now better protected in situations like those with active shooters, but many more remain at risk.

Recently, 18 CSPD officers and 24 other local law enforcement officers were given tactical vest packages.

However, more than 400 CSPD officers still lack the proper protection from high velocity weapons, like the ones used during the Planned Parenthood and Halloween shootings here in Colorado Springs.

The Police Foundation of Colorado Springs and Shield 616 are working together to donate protective vests and tactical gear with the goal of having every officer in Colorado Springs protected within two years.

“The vests have shield plates both in the front and the back. There’s also a helmet that’s rifle-rated and so what they’re finding is active shooter situations are more often including high powered rifle and so this will help keep our officers and first responders safe in those situations,” said Kyle Hybl, chairman of the Police Foundation of Colorado Springs.

The Police Foundation was founded in 2009 to provide community support to our police force.

So far, they have raised about $80,000 of the $430,000 goal.

The tactical package includes a vest, helmet, gas mask, night vision [goggles] and a gunshot wound trauma kit.

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