Tips for winter landscaping

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — While all of this warm weather is nice, it could come at a price for our landscaping.

Buds are starting to swell and some plants are already blooming, tricked by this record-breaking February.

But with cold weather in the forecast what will this mean for the greenery popping up?

The experts at Pikes Peak Urban Gardens tells FOX21 you should get out and water them.

You want to water them deeply, especially in this dry, warm weather then mulch around them.

You can use dried up leaves or straw.

Put it around your plants to keep the moisture in, but it’s also going to make the ground cooler, which will prevent them from blooming more.

With this cold snap coming, put a bucket over your flowers – it will help keep them from freezing.

“[It’s] Way too early to get in the garden and I know you’re going to be eager to get out there and plant things like peas and maybe radishes and carrots but wait, probably about the middle of April,” said Larry Stebbins, director of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens. “We always tell people, ‘listen to your weather forecasters, take a look at weather 15 days out and if it looks like we’re not going to go below 28 degrees then you can probably start planting things out, the cool weather crops.”

Stebbins also tells us this is a good time to get your soil prepared.

He says you can work some compost down into the soil.

Come spring, you’re ready to start planting.

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