Play ball! UCCS fields first baseball team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  —  History is in the making at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

After a decade of preparation, the baseball team is holding its inaugural home game. The Mountain Lions are hosting Nebraska-Kearney at Memorial Park’s Spurgeon Field.

It’s the latest result in a move from a “smaller commuter school” into a large-enrollment university.

It also gives local players like first baseman Jeremy Hochsmith, who graduated from Air Academy High School, a chance to have his family see him play. In fact, his grandfather saw him drive in the game’s first run.

“We’re grateful to have baseball back for us after watching him in Lamar for two years,” Al Hochmuth beamed.  “We live here in town so it gives us a great opportunity to watch him play.”

UCCS students are very excited for the new venue. Freshman Madelyn Medina says she loves baseball but is looking forward for more sports to come to the school.

“Even people who aren’t big baseball fans like people I know that are here at the game today,” Medina said.

She added, there seems to be more enthusiasm on campus.

“If you go to school you have a lot of pride want to be out there supporting at like body it really brings us closer together to have another team,” she said.

With expanded athletics, on-campus living, and activities there’s also hopes of adding even more as the school grows.

The Mountain Lions went on to win their first ever home game, 8-0 to improve to 6-4 on the season.

“If they break 500, I think it’s a victory,” Hochmuth said.



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