911 puts mom on hold while child chokes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you’re a parent, imagine your young child randomly started choking.

Instantly you become highly aware of the situation and you call 911, expecting someone to pick up right away on the other line.

For one Colorado Springs mom, that didn’t happen.

Dee Anna Thompson is an experienced mom of 4 kids, but a few days ago she lived her worst nightmare with her four-month-old son Timber.

It was a normal day in the Thompson household.

“I checked the floor before I put him down and I surrounded him with what I thought were appropriate toys,” said Thompson.

Moments later, “next thing I know he just starts choking,” said Thompson.

Thompson is trained in CPR, so she immediately went to her training.

“I couldn’t feel anything directly in his mouth in the main part, but I thought I could feel something in the very back,” said Thompson.

With Timber’s face quickly turning red, and the situation becoming more serious, it was time to call 911, but she was greeted by several long rings and then a message.

“Please wait. And we’ll have a representative come right with you,” said Thompson.

That message played three times.

“It felt like a lifetime for me,” said Thompson.

She estimates it was two minutes before someone picked up.

When the operator picked up, an ambulance was called for Timber.

At the hospital, Thompson told nurses “the 911 it took forever and they were like, ‘we know,'” said Thompson.

Luckily, Timber is just fine, but the experience itself, “to have to wait is the most agonizing thing that a person can possibly go through,” said Thompson.

Thompson said something needs to be done to prevent it from happening to any other families.

“They need to hire more help, because obviously if they don’t have, if nobody is coming to the line I would assume that they would be because they don’t have enough people,” said Thompson.

This 911 call was handled by the Colorado Springs dispatch.

We’ve reached out to the Colorado Springs Police Department to get comment about this story and to get answers about staffing levels, but they have not replied.

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