A+ News: ICAP helps students prepare for life after high school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Mitchell High School is pushing their seniors to finish their last year strong.

Now they have the support of a state official.

Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne signed her name on a letter that was sent out to all high school seniors in Colorado.

The letter speaks on their last 100 days of high school and making it worthwhile.

The school says it’s one way they’re hoping to keep seniors performing at their best, even when “senioritis” may start kicking in.

It’s all part of the Individual Career Academic Plan, better known as ICAP, where students can learn important job skills like building resumes and how to apply for scholarships.

“We have a very high population of first generation students, which means they have no exposure to college culture. And so, even just getting them to fill out the FAFSA, for the financial aid application, which is a requirement of ICAP, is a huge eye opener when they realize they can get basically Pikes Peak Community College for free,” said Kim Kohler, college and career counselor at Mitchell High School.

“It’s helped me out in several ways you know, like building a resume you know, I had a little resume together, but it wasn’t a like, a professional type resume until I talked to the College and Career Center,” said senior Reyna Revello.

ICAP is a required program by the state and district that helps schools focus on preparing students for life after high school.

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