The race for City Council: Richard Skorman

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The race for City Council is heating up. Richard Skorman is hoping to earn your vote come April. He’s a local businessman and a popular environmental advocate running for the council seat in District Three.

Earlier this month, Skorman decided to step down as president from Save Cheyenne, a group challenging the city over a 189-acre land swap with The Broadmoor.

“I’m running a campaign and it’s a full time job, more than a full time job,” said Skorman. “It’s a very short campaign season and so I just wanted to devote time to this. I’m still very passionate about the issue.”

That’s why he says if he’s elected he wants to ensure a green print is put in place for the community.

“It’s absolutely essential,” said Skorman. “In fact, it’s one of the biggest economic drivers that we have, and it’s what ties us all together. It’s the glue for Colorado Springs. We may have different opinions on some issues, but we all love our outdoor life.”

For 42 years, Skorman has owned the popular downtown cafe and bookstore Poor Richards. He’s also a former council member and vice mayor who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2011.

“I think I do have a business sense but also a government experience and it’s nice to have both of those as a combination. It really brings you into that full picture,” he said.

If elected, Skorman would like to work on efforts to expand downtown and grow the local economy. The 64-year-old nonpartisan candidate said his plan is simple.

“I’m not about philosophies or ideologies,” said Skorman. “City government, potholes aren’t Republican or Democrat. They’re for everybody to get fixed, and I want to do my best to help people locally.”

Skorman’s opponent for District Three is Chuck Fowler, a consultant on homeowner associations.

The city council elections will take place April 4.

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