Ice sculptures wow crowds in Cripple Creek

CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Five teams of roughly 20 ice sculptors called Cripple Creek home for the 10th year.

The ice carving festival continues to grow, with around 70,000 people visiting a year.

If you walk along East Bennet Avenue during this year’s festival, you’ll come across Thomas Barlow. He has 25 years worth of ice carving experience.

He said Sunday’s colder weather is perfect for the festival, compared to Saturday’s warm weather.

“When I can see my breath, that’s good,” said Barlow.

Sunday, he continued to work on a massive sculpture, carving swallows into the ice. You have to sketch out exactly what you want to do when you’re planning to make a sculpture like this.

“You have to then take that sketch and break them down into these increments as far as the dimension of the block,” said Barlow.

One of the most popular things at this festival was a slide. It was made out of 65 blocks of ice in two days. It changes throughout the day.

“Into the night the speed increases,” said Barlow.

“Super fast. It was so much fun,” said Abigal Thomason.

Abigal and her family are one of many families here to enjoy the festival, and it’s not over yet. Barlow and his crew will be back next week to add on to their current work.

“10-12 foot long crocodiles spiraling through the air with water splashing,” said Barlow.

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