Effects of January windstorm continue for property owners and businesses

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The effects of last month’s unusually strong windstorm can still be seen around parts of town.

The damage is so severe in some areas that fencing businesses are backed up for weeks, if not months now.

“The first week we got probably 500 calls for estimates,” said Mike Blickenstaff, the owner of Blicks Fencing.

Blickenstaff has been in business nearly 30 years now and says last months windstorm has kept him extremely busy.

“People are really patient at this point,” he said. “The one’s that needed fences done really quick are done and now the one’s that are no dogs no pools kind of thing are getting re-evaluated now.”

Alan Garcia came home from vacation to find his fence completely knocked down. He says he tried calling fencing companies but decided to take on the repairs himself.

“They did say that it would take a couple weeks to even possibly come out here but it just seemed like if I wanted it done sooner it was an additional cost,” said Garcia.

Blickenstaff says customers are generally waiting three weeks for repairs. However, despite that business is in high demand, he isn’t charging folks extra.

“I don’t raise prices when there’s a disaster like this, I just don’t believe in that,” said Blickenstaff. “I’m not making any more money per job than I would be normally. There’s just a lot more of it.”

For Garcia, this isn’t the first time he’s had to repair his fence due to wind damage but says this time around it’s been a little more challenging.

“We had a tree behind us that knocked down the back part,” he said. “The insurance did come out, they did claim it out and we’re going to have somebody do the backside but it’s been a pain.”

It’s a pain that’s temporarily just an inconvenience.

“What can you do? You can’t get angry, you can’t get mad, it’s Mother Nature,” said Garcia.

Blickenstaff says that if you’re still looking to hire a fencing repair company, be sure to always get three estimates and check for online reviews before hiring someone.

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