Pizza ranks as second most popular fast food in America, survey says

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Yes, it’s true.

America has designated Thursday, February 9 as National Pizza Day.

Many of you may already consider every day a pizza day, but dedicating an entire 24 hours to recognizing the hot, cheesy, fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness for all its delicious worth is quite alright with us.

From pepperoni and Canadian bacon to hot peppers and even anchovies, the possibilities for making your perfect pizza are endless.

Supreme Pizza

We could go on and on about its versatility with toppings, its flexibility as a food for all occasions, and how in just 20 minutes or so you can have it piping hot at your front door or out of the oven, but we’ll leave you to your imagination on that one.

In a recent survey conducted by National Today, 1,000 Americans were asked how much they like pizza.

A total 98 percent said they like pizza, while 2 percent said they didn’t.

Pizza also ranks as the second most popular fast food in America behind hamburgers (43 percent of Americans rank pizza as their favorite).

Here are some of the pizza stats:

Top 5 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

  1. Cheese (82 percent)
  2. Pepperoni (66 percent)
  3. Sausage (58 percent)
  4. Mushrooms (53 percent)
  5. Bacon (51 percent)

Pepperoni Pizza

Top 5 Favorite Pizza Brands

  1. Pizza Hut (31 percent)
  2. Papa John’s (17 percent)
  3. Domino’s (17 percent)
  4. Papa Murphy’s (10 percent)
  5. Little Caesar’s (8 percent)


Other interesting facts:

  • 53 percent of those surveyed prefer restaurant pizza over frozen pizza
  • 30 percent (1 in 3) eat pizza at least once a week
  • 22 percent say they can eat an entire pizza by themselves
  • 19 percent pair beer with pizza
  • 18 percent say pizza is their favorite food
  • 10 percent say they like to pair wine with pizza
  • 9 percent say their idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is sharing a pizza

Stuffed crust pizza

> Click here to see the full survey.    

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