SPECIAL REPORT: Comparing Uber, Lyft and a regular taxi

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Whether you’re traveling, don’t want to deal with parking or are in a bind and need a ride, who do you call for the fastest and cheapest fares?

We wanted to figure that out, so we compared ridesharing giants Uber and Lyft in addition to the standard taxi.

Three members of the FOX21 News team each took a ride on the same day, time and location to track the results and none of the drivers knew or were prompted about this story.

We compared factors like who charged us the least, who arrived for pickup the quickest and who got us to where we wanted the fastest.

We tracked that by using the stopwatches on our phones, starting it after we requested the ride to when the driver picks us up and starting it once again to see how long it took to get from Point A to Point B.

After that, each of us requested rides for pickup at the Mining Exchange in downtown Colorado Springs with drop off at Trader Joe’s on North Nevada Avenue.

We found that Lyft had the longest pickup time of just over 8 minutes, with Taxi coming in second at 2 minutes and 24 seconds and Uber taking first at a minute  and 30 seconds.

As for cost, Taxi was by far the most expensive at just over $16 compared to Uber and Lyft who both fell in the $11 range, with Uber beating Lyft by 47 cents.

Uber also took first for travel time at 11 minutes and 57 seconds, beating Lyft by 9 seconds and Taxi by a minute and 37 seconds.

We also compared routes to see which one was faster on Mapquest, taking into account traffic.

On average, the I-25 route that Uber and Lyft both took to exit 148 is faster by about 5 minutes compared to the one Taxi took down North Nevada.

We also asked folks which service they use to get the best deal.

Those whose favorites were Uber and Lyft say a big plus of using the apps was having control of tipping and being able to view the drivers’ ratings.

Others we spoke with said the Taxis here are great and drivers can be very friendly.

Another thing to look out for while using the apps is surge pricing, which kicks in when there’s a high demand of rides and not enough drivers.

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